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Augmented Reality- Rotana Hotel

Augmented Reality- Rotana Hotel


Augmented reality is booming the hotel industry where customers can find out the available services for the room through their mobile devices. This is enhancing customer experience and adding profit to both hotel owners and the customers.

The objective was to understand and meet the individual needs of all the customers to build a long-term relationship with the owners and partners, colleagues and guests. The hotel owners wanted to create transparency of information to the guests. Thus, the information should be available for customers 24×7, improving the entire user experience.

Executive Summary

After knowing the requirements and expectations of the Hotel owners, our team presented a solution that would let the travellers and customers take a tour and explore best hotels to stay in Bahrain with 360o view.

They wanted a system where reports are transparent, and duties are equally divided. This would enable better decision-making for purchasing, merchandising, managing and more, ensuring quality and customer satisfaction.


  • The challenge of implementation and its consequences to the hotel and its customers.
  • Needed more testing than a regular mobile or web application.
  • Another challenge was to design the flow. Our developers tried to make the app as easy and familiar to people as possible.
  • Prompt acknowledgement of requests and delivery of services to guests.

Technology Used

  • AngularJS
  • HTML
  • CSS
  • Android app and iOS app

How We Achieved? 

  • We had a lot of brainstorming with the client to understand their point of view and requirements.
  • Our experienced team offered a unique versatility with sophisticated design to simplify its use.
  • Create a software that would provide efficient performance, include tool-free component replacement and a compact design.
  • Optimization of the software to get an advanced augmented reality features.


  • Built augmented reality walk-through view of hotels which is perfectly aligned with real objects.
  • Use of traced magnetic field changes to obtain user’s walk through path
  • Custom designed calibration method produced stable, direction-independent values of the magnetic field.
  • Real-time and reliable navigation support

Target Audience

The target audience were the travellers. The interactive display gives them the information access on the go. Give a tour guide of hotel to the guest, increasing the amount of time they spend using the app altogether, which in turn provides new opportunities for hotels to advertise other services.Conclusion

The app is making a huge benefit to the hotel, by market the full spectrum of services. Creating a strong bond with the guests to convert one-time guests into regular guests. Provides flexible ways for customers to make their hotel visit more interesting and happening.

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