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Enterprise Resource Planning – Food Club

Enterprise Resource Planning – Food Club


The food club app needed new system to support its current and future growth. The company has experienced substantial growth in the past few years and sought replacement of their existing enterprise applications to coincide with their capital investment in increased production capabilities.

The client wanted an ERP system that could integrate all facets of an enterprise into one comprehensive information system. They wanted data to be available in real-time, which could enable employees to more informed and quick business decisions.

Executive Summary

We understood the industry and our client’s needs accordingly. Thus, we provided a solution to ensure that our client and their customers achieve the highest value at the lowest cost. We delivered flexible, industry-specific ERP software which was devised corresponding to the needs of the industry, the service and the consumers.

Our highly skilled and experienced professionals ensured that the developed system was configured in best possible manner that would help the business in its growth.


  • To manage customer demand and simultaneously maintain quality of the product and the system.
  • To help employees manage their daily tasks and ease out their multitasking skills.
  • Challenge was to track the workflow easily, improve customer and staff interaction, and enhance financial reporting.
  • The key challenge was to build a flexible system that would eliminate the complex procedure and provide great services while maintaining the minimal cost.
  • Another challenge was to give a solution that could help manage the growing customer base and the business.

Technology Used

  • HTML
  • CSS
  • Spring
  • Hibernate

How We Achieved? 

  • The Hexagon team explored and implemented new technologies with customizable services and solutions.
  • Our experienced team offered a powerful reporting and forecasting tools to help the owner and the management make informed decisions.
  • We developed a single applications with a unified, extensible solution that will grow and scale parallel to the business needs.
  • We provided the client with real-time visibility into their operations.
  • Integration of all aspects of inventory, orders, quality control, purchases, finance and accounting.
  • Developed a software that accelerated integration in a number of areas including customer service, accounting, ordering and delivery process.


  • Revised & improved business and the workflow process.
  • Real-time reporting and tracking of set goals and objectives.
  • Automate and streamline the standardized process of increasing sales and business network.
  • We helped in the enhancement of productivity in production and quality management.
  • Transparency and control over single system with minimal maintenance costs.

Target Audience

The main focus was to automate and streamline process. The target audience were the tech savvy people, who use global network to get with the flow.


A successful cost-effective, easy-to-maintain solution was developed that eased out any maintenance related issues. A complete solution was provided for the industry, with specific modules matching their requirements. We offered automation of various process, concentrating more on the main business.

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