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How Enterprise Resource Management Helps Business to Grow?

How Enterprise Resource Management Helps Business to Grow?

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) is a business process management software which is used to manage information within an organization. Operative ERP software helps business owners to automate and streamline tedious tasks, help employees become productive, manage company’s finances and operations and help with the organization growth.

We at Hexagon Digital Lab have served many industries with our successful ERP projects. One of our projects includes ERP with food application. The project was a cloud based food ordering app with multiple benefits for customers as well as the owners.

The company was observing a rapid growth path, thus the existing system was obsolete with the increasing growth and demand. The organization wanted to meet its growing business needs with easy-to-maintain solution.


The client was looking for a cost-efficient, easy-to-maintain solution. It wanted a process for the application with specific modules matching the requirement, like the automation for product management, order reporting, site maintenance, etc. allowing the organization to concentrate on its core business.

Challenges Faced

The biggest challenge was the absence of ERP system documentation. Our team at Hexagon had to inspect and determine the data. Another challenge was to get the clarity on the customer’s thoughts and requirements because of the customer first experience. It was also a challenge to implement value‐oriented business process which would permit a smart high level integration, build relationship with the customers and enhance the process. Learning and training resources for employees was among many other challenges.

Solution and Benefits

Our highly skilled and experienced professionals, ensured that system was constructed in the best possible manner. The project strategy was not only based on results but also to ease out the daily process and automatize the workflow. Our project helped the client and the customers with easy decision making and managing the application.

  • Our automation module for orders and delivery ensured full and timely production reports.
  • Financial and accounting entries allowed timely decision-making based on real-time data.
  • Our project also ensured easy and timely access to the system from variety of devices.

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