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Mobile Application – Dubai Fitness

Mobile Application – Dubai Fitness


The objective was to build a fitness app that would discover thousands of free classes, events and activities in Dubai, allow one to track his/her fitness progress, sync with other popular fitness apps and others.

The goal was to make people aware about healthy living and to enable them to socialize within the community. The app for fitness allows them to join groups and take part in the fitness challenge and compare oneself with other’s progress to stay motivated.

Executive Summary

Our team understood the motive behind the app and simultaneously worked to design the app that symbolizes fitness and at the same time, represents the joy of independence associated with it.

With an idea to create a coherent fitness platform, the app was developed out of the user’s need to continue their fitness routine. To give users a fun way to stay healthy and fit, the app aws developed in a way where users could join an ever-growing fitness community and follow their friends, family and colleagues towards the fitness journey.


  • Establish an easy-to-use mobile app presence
  • Design fitness-friendly UI where users can avail quick and easy information about what they are looking for.
  • Engage people and become a trusted source of information on physical activity
  • Analyze the provided data to support behavioral change with respect to physical activity

Technology Used

  • Android
  • iOS
  • MySQL

How We Achieved? 

  • We started with a collaborative approach and figured out priority features and the ideal user experience.
  • Created a platform emphasizing the benefits of physical activity.
  • Carrying out surveys, reports and results to ensure great UX
  • Optimization of the software for a refined results.
  • The app was envisaged to contain an interactive interface for graphical representation of test results.


  • The app helps to track daily activity and fitness.
  • Synchronization with other popular fitness apps
  • App allows access to deals and offers across Dubai
  • Discover thousands of free classes, events and activities in Dubai.
  • Transparency and control over single system with minimal maintenance costs.

Target Audience

The target audience were the people. The app made sure to transform Dubai into the most active city in the world and to track workouts and stay on top of the progress. 


A great app that helps one to keep a track of fitness activities. Easy to access and join fitness community as a team. The app connects one with his/her company, school or university or even a group of friends taking part in the Fitness Challenge.

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