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Point of Sale (POS) – Areesh Restaurant

Point of Sale (POS) – Areesh Restaurant


With the growth and expansion of business over several years, the restaurant required a Point of Sale system which could handle the tracking of transactions and card processing.

The owner of the restaurant wanted to improve its services, increase performance and modernize sales. The client wanted a solution that offered great management and could grow with time within economical budget.  A one in all solution was needed by the client that would help to communicate through reporting, build relationship with the staff and the customers and track the progress.

Executive Summary

After a brief discussion about their services and requirements, our team at Hexagon presented a solution that would not only troubleshoot the system but also offer value and make the business run smoothly.

They wanted a system where reports are transparent, and duties are equally divided. This would enable better decision-making for purchasing, merchandising, managing and more, ensuring quality and customer satisfaction.


  • To offer high-end capabilities such as automated inventory tracking, e-mail invoices, report generation, etc to help employees manage their daily tasks and ease out their multitasking skills.
  • Use of single code for both desktop and website.
  • Develop a centralized database, enabling the store to have full visibility into inventory.

Technology Used

  • Java Fx
  • CSS
  • MY SQL

How We Achieved? 

  • We had a lot of brainstorming with the client to understand their point of view and requirements.
  • We offered a unique versatility with sophisticated design to simplify its use.
  • Create a software that would provide efficient performance, include tool-free component replacement and a compact design.
  • Optimization of the software for a modern shopping behaviour.
  • User friendly POS system which can be easily operated by the staff without much hassle.


  • Built in Service and repair trackers in case of any problem
  • Reliable, durable and user friendly software
  • Integration of interactive PoS System
  • Transparency and control over single system with minimal maintenance costs.

Target Audience

The target audience was the staff and the customers. The interactive displays demonstrate sophisticated look making a friendly relation and simplifying the process. The process is quick making the service faster.


A successful cost-effective, easy-to-maintain solution was developed that eased out the work process. A complete solution was provided with specific modules matching the client’s requirements. We offered automation of various processes.

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