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Increase productivity by providing quick assistance and access to information efficiently.

Experience the Chatbot Differently

Chatbot is an amazing piece of software which helps businesses to save time, money, and energy. It helps to maintain a strong bond and relationship with your customer around the globe anytime. Consumers want instant reply to their query be it late at night or early in the morning or daytime. This can be achieved through chatbots.

  • Voice Activated Live Chat

    A fully voice enabled interface that pushes the brand deeper in customer engagement

  • All Day Efficiency

    Stay at your customer’s service for as long as possible—24/7, 365 days a year; without worrying about holidays, time problem, slow responses and so forth.

  • Cost Savings

    No worries about salaries, training costs. Going with automated solutions will be cost efficient in the long run

Delivering impactful solutions for different industries


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    Product and Services Enquiries

    Easily handles product comparisons and clarifications on specifications

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    Logistic Related Enquiries

    Customers can check their order status, delivery arrangements and available inventory

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    Suggestive Product Search

    Upsell similiar products and help customers find items that they are interested in



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    Retail Customer Enquiries

    Automatically reply to customers’ questions on you retailed items and services

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    Delivery Related Enquiries

    Let your customers be assured by promptly replying to their delivery requests

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    Recent Promotions

    Customers can clarify about your latest sale and promotional activities



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    Material and Product Specifics

    Quickly send out answers regarding your product’s quality and specifications

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    OEM Discussion Handling

    Let ChatBot handle B2B discussions to work with you as partners

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    Supply Chain Enquiries

    Handle supply, inventory, logistics related queries from both customers and business owners


Real Estate

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    Rental and Purchase Process

    Settle repetitive enquiries on how to rent or purchase asset units quickly

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    Handling Potential Clients

    Detect potential clients that have visited before to skip unnecessary suggestions

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    Provide Organized Details

    Sort and provide clients details that they ask for quickly to help them make decisions



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    Booking Related Enquiries

    Let anyone book, cancel and check on
    their appointments

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    Healthcare Tips and Advice

    Customers now can use your ChatBot to ask anything from dosage to medical advice

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    Patient Follow Up

    Detect patient’s records and constructively chat with them intelligently



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    Account Opening and Support

    Handles opening and verification
    of account

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    Deposit and Withdrawal Processes

    Appease worried customers quickly by answering to their money related queries

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    Investment and Portfolio Enquiries

    Sieve and pull out relevant investment details to let customers make informed decisions


All-in-One Smart Customer Communication Platform

Reinvent the way you communicate and make it more flexible and scalable for all customer communication

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    Instantly synchronize all your products and services with your ChatBot

    No need for painful training and memorizing of product and services information

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    Configure follow up, offline support settings to maximize your ChatBot activities

    Make more revenue and even handle customers in different timezones without worry

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    Your ChatBot runs and picks up behavioural customer data and learns to become more natural

    Natural Language Processing (NLP) lets the Chatbot learn and relieves repetitive tasks

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    Analyze collected data and continue to finetune your ChatBot to serve your customers

    Use gathered customer information to improve answering capability

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