Artwork Preparation Services

Printing remains prevalent in today’s society even though the world is connected online. The gifts, packaging, flyers and more that we receive offline physically still remain important to first hand clients on a face-to-face basis

Simple and Straightforward Prints

Simple and Straightforward Prints

The most common and basic of all prints. Usually not larger than A3 in size

  • Posters and Flyers
  • Stickers
  • Namecards
  • Receipts and Bookmarks
  • Forms and Cards
Diecut Prints of Various Shapes

Diecut Prints of Various Shapes

Usually applied on printing that requires folding to shape or trimming to the unique outline

  • Product Packaging
  • Shopping Bags
  • Greeting Cards with non-standard outline shapes
  • Gift Boxes and Book Covers
  • Prints with Unique Cutouts
Outdoor / Large Format Prints

Outdoor / Large Format Prints

These are usually related to one-time use during events, advertisements and marketing

  • Outdoor Hanging Banners
  • Standees and Cross-stands
  • Billboard Large Area Advertisements
  • Exhibition Backdrop and Booth Wallpapers
  • Shirts Design and Print On-Demand

For Printing Delivery

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