Express and convey through

Videos and Explainers

We have an independent video production studio to help you with making all kinds of videos

Video Production Services

  • Animated Videos

    Animated Videos

    Cartoon or 2D animated character modelling for conveying project ideas casually

  • Corporate Explainers

    Corporate Explainers

    Professionally made video about your company to showcase your products and services

  • Video Editing and Production

    Video Editing and Production

    Trim videos from your events, interviews and share online with customers and friends

Scriptwriting and Storyboarding

Step 1

Scriptwriting and Storyboarding

Our Director helps to write the script and subtitles

Drafting out a few scenes in pencil sketch

Gather requirements such as logos, references

Characters, Music and Scene Customizations

Step 2

Characters, Music and Scene Customizations

Hear sample voice actors and music for the video

Preview actual actors or character models to be used

Customize backgrounds and logo entry scenes

Making and Rendering of Video

Step 3

Making and Rendering of Video

Preview full drafts and provide comments and edits

Render high resolution format for upload or sharing

Come back for edits and updates when needed

Output available in these formats: Mp4 MOV AVI MPEG