Develop & Integrate Your Very Own

Point of Sale (PoS)

We integrate your business with POS system to leverage automated services and enhance your business productivity.

POS Software Development Company

Revenue collection is the lifeblood of all businesses. A good PoS system helps ensure a good process flow

  • Macro-transactions

    For businesses who have high volume day to day purchases

  • Inventorized

    For businesses who need to constantly track their goods and delivery statuses

  • Instructional

    For businesses that needs to send booking, receipts and instructions

Automated Cash Collection

All-in one integrated system lets your end-users pay using various renowed channels

Fully automated and secure cash collection

Handles failed transactions and unsuccessful transfers with immediate refunds

Track Sales and Inventory

Ensured faster and seamless tracking of all kinds of goods and services

Tracks inventory holding

Easily summarizes all orders’ delivery status and easily spot problems with logistics

Summarizes total revenue and best selling product and services with intuitive infographics

Relieves business owners of tedious accounting

Supports consumer side feedback to allow other users to see realistic description about the product

User and Revenue Accounting

Easily add another branch in and manage your sales and procurement altogether in one PoS system

Supports business units with different currencies

Compare performance over different branches and make decisions to move goods and adjust

Businesses from Multiple Locations

Benefits of PoS

Fully Customize

Let PoS Handle Your Money Work

A good customer relationship management stays for the long haul. It is the key front-facing element that interacts and represents your business. On the shelf solutions may not have 100% of what you need.

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